“What an awesome opportunity! This is a very great way for players to get exposure on their game.”


  • Ballcue Feature:
    • The Ballcue feature is priced at €9.99.
  • Video Duration:
    • Videos must not exceed 45 seconds in length.
  • Video Editing:
    • If a video surpasses the 45-second limit, Ballcue reserves the right to trim it down to meet the specified duration.
  • Refund Policy:
    • No refunds will be issued once the video has been uploaded.
  • Commercial Usage:
    • Ballcue retains the right to utilize the video for commercial purposes.
  • Upload Preferences:
    • You can express your preferred upload date, but Ballcue does not guarantee adherence to specified dates.
  • Enjoy the Game:
    • Above all, keep enjoying the game of table tennis!